ANNOUNCE: A smattering of release notes (0.36 and 0.36.1)

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ANNOUNCE: A smattering of release notes (0.36 and 0.36.1)

John Palmieri-2
Looks like the lists are working for me again.  Here are two releases I
did the past two days.

New D-Bus 0.36.1 Released

This fixes some problems found with hal-device-manager in the Python
bindings and also switches to installing all the python module files to
lib64/ on 64bit platforms instead of splitting the noarch files into
lib/ and the arch files into lib64/. Apparently Python gets confused
otherwise since it does not support multilib.

As usual:

D-Bus 0.36 “Goodnight Moon” released

D-Bus 0.36 is released. Hopefully this will go smoother than the last
release but if there are problems please let me know. This release
includes numerous bug fixes and a couple of enhancements.

For the low power consumption crowd you can now have the bus match on
arguments to avoid those pesky NameOwnerChanged signals from waking up
every process.

The python bindings now support match on args and also adds the ability
to specify timeouts on calls and explicitly cast to D-Bus types. The
much talked about Introspection isn’t done yet but the foundations for
it are already in.

In the GLib bindings we see a lot of bugs being squashed and support for
deeply recursive types was added. Watch out, some of the API has been
taken private and is no longer exported. It shouldn’t affect anyone but
if it does at least you know why.

As usual:


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